How can you help?


Giving Opportunities

Some people want to help with direct financial gifts. Here are some things to consider. You will want to read about tax considerations in the section below first.

Tax Considerations

In Arizona, there are several tax credit options if donations are given to private schools such as Christian Academy of Prescott.  Below are some of the organizations we use that can make your donation count as a tax credit:

Christian Scholarship Foundation (CSF) This is a nonprofit scholarship fund established to receive your tax credit as per the Arizona Tax Code.  Their purpose is to provide scholarships to students who attend Christian schools in the Prescott area.  These scholarships are based on financial need.  Visit CSF online at

Arizona Tuition Organization (AZTO) This is a nonprofit scholarship fund that offers monthly grant disbursements to partnering schools such as CAP, students, and families.  Scholarships are awarded primarily on financial need.  Grants are funds in which a donor recommends a specific child.  For more information visit or contact AZTO  at

Tuition Organization for Private Schools (TOPS) TOPS was formed by individuals committed to giving every child the opportunity to receive a private education.  It is a nonprofit organization that utilizes credits from the State of Arizona to assist students in Christian schools.  Contact them at

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO) Since its inception in 1998, ACSTO has awarded scholarships of more than $15 million to help children pay their Christian school tuition.  Nearly 20,000 visionary Arizona taxpayers have made this possible by donating to ACSTO, and taking advantage of Arizona’s unique opportunity to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against their Arizona state income tax.  For more information, see their website at

Institute for Better Education (IBE) This is a non-profit scholarship fund that offers scholarships and grants to children who desire a private education.  Scholarships are awarded primarily on financial need.  Grants are funds in which a donor recommends for a specific child.  For more information visit them online at

Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT) ASCT exclusively serves low-income children and low-income children who are also disabled and/or displaced. For more information, please visit:

School Choice Arizona, Inc. (SCAI) SCAI awards scholarships to children of low to modest-income families and/or military families, and requires that children are either starting kindergarten at a private school or are switching from a public school.  For more information, please visit:

Arizona Leadership Foundation This scholarship provides assistance to low-income families and families with disabled/displaced children.  For more information, please visit:

Arizona Tuition Connection Arizona Tuition Connection has three scholarships available: 1) Original Tax Credit Scholarship; 2) Overflow/PLUS Tax Credit Scholarship which includes children switching schools, entering kindergarten, active military families stationed in Arizona and those who have previously received corporate or Overflow/PLUS scholarships; and 3) Low Income Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship for those families that meet the low family income requirements.  For more information, please visit or call 480-409-4106.